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Unisex Skin Compression One Piece of Knee Support

Unisex Skin Compression One Piece of Knee Support

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Rs. 399.00

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Rs. 399.00
Product Description of Unisex Skin Compression One Piece of Knee Support

Bonjour Presents Unisex Superior Supportable Skin Compression Knee Support. Bonjour Compression Therapy works on the principle of therapy through graduated compression. The product is designed to help with the management of venous problems. It aids in the contraction & relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins while walking. For best result, go for Bonjour Compression Support at the start your day & remove it before going to bed.
Bonjour Compression Therapy helps improve blood flow.
Bonjour Compression Therapy helps keep fluid from pooling in the legs.
Bonjour Compression Therapy helps relieve symptoms & prevent problems caused by varicose veins, skin ulcers & deep vein thrombosis.
A combination of Nylon and Lycra material promises exceptional stretchability, breathability and durability.
A no-slip cuff ensures they stay in place even during the hardest workouts.
Ideal for exercise, officewear etc.
Available in Small (33 - 35.6 cm) , Medium (35.9 - 38.1 cm) & Large (38.4 - 43.2 cm) Sizes.