Mens Fleece Full Sleeve Sweatshirt in Grey

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Bongio winter collection to update your Fashion wardrobe. Our huge versatile collection of winter wear will surely meet all your need. Our Comfy warm winter collection keeps you warm being Stylish.
This Sweatshirt gives protection when you're out to enjoy the winter. This sweatshirt is breathable, durable and reliable in winter. This solid design sweatshirt keeps your body warm during the cold. This sweatshirt has great fit and blocks wind and protects your body. So, Step out and enjoy the winter with this ultimate choice.
• Thin & Lightweight warm sweatshirt
• Fleece trap heat and keep body warm in winter
• Regular fit design makes comfortable to wear it all day long
• Full Sleeve protects your hands and keeps them warm.
• Club well with any attire.
• Bonjour Logo at front and solid design
• Rib Hem & cuff blocks the wind.