Its weekend and its time to party! Everyone wants to look smart and dashing and have all eyes stared at them bewitched. For all the party freaks who love to party in style, Bonjour's Bold collection is the most ideal. The collection comprises of neon socks which are fun, quirky and vibrant, available in multiple fresh neon hues. One can pick from a wide range of the Bold collection which will  complement every outfit and will add pizzazz to the wearer. As they say, everything comes back in style at some point of time, the 80’s have made a comeback in the form of bright neon colours this season. Keeping the latest trends in mind, Bonjour  has come up with this collection of bright neon socks which reflects the fun of 80’s, yet evoke modern style at the same, just perfect for the party look.

The collection has all the electric and bright colors like orange, red, bright yellow, coral pink etc. but in a less blinding way. Neon socks will add a new dimension to your trendy wardrobe, adding a streak of boldness with the eye catching hues, and funk up your party look like never before.

So grab your favourite pairs, matching your outfit, give yourself a bold and bright look and set the party rolling!