The foundation of our body

Have you ever thought about the importance of feet in your daily life? Our feet are one of our most important body parts, they are also the most neglected. Our feet are the foundation of our body, which means that taking care of our feet will ensure better health overall.

Bad foot health can lead to serious health problems for various body parts like hips, spine, lower back, shoulders and neck. So for a healthy body, we should ensure that we have healthy feet.

How diabetes affects your feet:

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes cause damage to blood vessels and peripheral nerves that can result in problems in the legs and feet. Two main conditions, 1) peripheral artery disease (PAD), and 2) peripheral neuropathy are responsible for the increased risk of foot problems in people with diabetes.

If your nerves get damaged due to diabetes, they may stop sending signals. Nerve damage can cause you to lose sensation in your feet. You might not sense any pain, heat, or cold in your legs and feet. You may not feel a blister due to poorly fitting shoes or a pebble inside your sock that is causing a sore.

Sores on your feet can become infected. If your blood glucose is high, the extra glucose feeds the infection in those sores and the infection gets worse. Nerve damage can also cause pain and may lead to foot deformities, or changes in the muscles, bones, and shape of your feet.

How to take care of your feet:

1. Check both feet daily for any blisters and infections

2. Wear shoes that fit well

3. Wash your feet with warm water

How Bonjour Diabetic Socks protect your feet:

Bonjour diabetic socks are the most scientifically designed diabetic socks. Its revolutionary fibre and long elastic helps increase blood flow and oxygenation in your feet. These socks for diabetics feature a soft toe seam and are non-binding to avoid friction and irritation. The unique design of these socks improves vascular flow and gives you imprint free day-long comfort.