Socks are vital accessories & must have for every season as they keep our feet protected. Now consider this - Socks with odor control benefit! These will surely be the most valuable asset in ones wardrobe. Bonjour offers special range of socks with the innovative SILVADUR technology specifically created to keep your socks & feet fresh.

An innovative antimicrobial technology, socks with Silvadur treatment will be favorable for the summers & will keep your feet clean & odor free. Its patented, intelligent controlled-release delivery system conveys a low concentration of silver ions on fabric surfaces and activates them only in the presence of undesirable bacteria. After more than 50 wash, the antimicrobial protection remains, no yellowing or staining is visible & maintain the freshness longer. The technology is harmless to human health and has been added to the list of active chemical products, approved by the International Oeko-Tex Association.

Try this special range, step out in confidence & retain freshness longer!