Knee-high socks are the latest trend in the fashion world, but they have actually been around for centuries. The first version of a knee-high sock was as early as Ancient Roman times. At that time both men and women wore knee-high socks to stay warm in Ancient Rome. There is evidence to show that people of many ancient European civilizations kept their legs warm and protected in knee-high cloth bound with leather straps.

As society evolved, popular fashion kept pace and began to embrace the notion of style over function. By the 18th century, women such as Marie Antoinette, the flag-bearers of extravagance and avant garde fashion, were embracing knee high socks as a cheeky undergarment that implied a hint of eroticism among st all the boring and conservative outfits. Before it was socially acceptable for women to show their legs, it was fun to have an accessory that exposed the thigh. Knee-highs provided the kind of secret fashion, which a lady could enjoy and keep to herself at the same time.

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