Sweaty feet in the scorching summers can be sticky and stinky, which dampens one’s socks. It surely becomes very embarrassing for any person when they enter their friend’s house and have to take off their shoes. Exposing their dis-coloured socks while visiting a shoe store can get embarrassing, as the bad odour of their socks could contaminate the air. The foot is considered to be amongst the heaviest sweat producers in the body, it can produce over 0.12 litres of moisture per day. Socks help in absorbing this sweat and spread it to other areas, where air can easily evaporate the moisture.

Some people prefer not to wear socks, instead wear sandals to prevent their feet from sweat. Not everyone wears sandals, for some, it is compulsory to wear closed toe shoes and for others, it depends on their taste. So whoever prefers to wear socks, must choose the right pair so that they don’t end up embarrassing themselves.

The ones, who think cotton socks are best suitable for summers, must always remember cotton absorbs moisture extremely fast but dries late. This in return leaves their feet wet and sticky which leads to bacterial infection and harms the feet. Not just cotton, but synthetic, nylon and polyester are also not the best material for scorching summers, as they neither absorb the sweat, nor do they evaporate the heat. Therefore, cotton socks are light as compared to these fabrics and do give a cooler effect. One must definitely avoid wearing synthetic socks, specifically nylon and should wear socks with lesser cotton content. It is extremely important to choose socks that keep one’s feet dry and easily wick off the sweat; wet feet might result in diseases like Athlete’s foot and blisters.

Moisture-wicking socks are the best solution for everybody, to keep their feet dry and free from bad odour. When it comes to socks, one wonders what does wicking entail. Henceforth, moisture wicking socks can channel sweat off to where it can evaporate. These socks are highly absorbent and are much better at getting the sweat off one’s feet and help them dry faster. One of the benefits of these socks is that they are made up of super durable fibres, which can take quite a beating and are less likely to convey aromatically, how hard a day, one’s feet had. Merino wool and polyester in some cases help in wicking off the sweat. Merino wool is soft, light and has anti-microbial properties and does not trap moisture. It is comparatively thicker, when compared to cotton and insulates the sweat, which makes one’s feet feel warm in winters and cool in summers. Though polyester is a synthetic fabric, it dries quickly as compared to nylon and is comparatively durable. Besides choosing the right pair of socks, one must also wash their feet thoroughly and change their shoes from time to time.

One must make sure that the socks they select are comfortable, breathable and well suited to the activity and use, more than being brand conscious. Well-made socks serve as a gasket to help protect dynamic feet from static shoes. Socks help in evaporating moisture from our feet, so one has to be very careful while selecting the right pair of socks.