Bonjour Hello Kitty 5 pair Fancy Full Length Cotton Socks.

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Hello Kitty Socks

From fashion to fantasy inspire your daughter to do anything she wanted to do with our range of hello kitty socks online. Hello Kitty socks are the perfect gift for your daughter who is hello kitty lover. These hello kitty socks are designed in a gorgeous kitty graphic with beautiful colors taken special care of quality and comfort, so that your little one feet remains warm & comfortable. We have an exclusive range of hello kitty socks online for you. To view our range of hello kitty socks, click on a hello kitty socks category.

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Bonjour is introducing pack of 5 Fancy Full Length kids Socks for your Little one. These socks are made of the finest cotton which will ensure to keep your babies feet soft and smooth for all day long. The kitty design on the Socks will make your little one's feet more stylish and cute. These socks will be surely a good addition to your babies closet. These socks surely will make your babies feet fresh feel. Features Full Length will give your babies foot a stylish look. Cotton makes the feet super soft. Gentle grip makes it comfortable. Cute color collection with exclusive design. 5 pair of socks with different color will go well with any attire.